From my "100000km" CBF600 to my "Bumblebee" CBF1000

The day I got my 1st motorcycle
I have bought my first motorcycle, a Honda CBF600SA4 with 95,200km. I have learned to drive and passed my driver license with a CBF600N so I already knew that bike a little bit. I trusted my local Honda store when he made me a proposal for that ’S’ one, and I have started my experience as a motorcycle driver with it. This is a bike that makes you very confortable on board (excepted under the rain where I doubt any motorcycle will ever make me feel safe).

A few months later and after the symbolic 100,000km step, I have made quick estimations about the coming expenses : 2 front brake disks, rear shock and chain kit to replace, major revision and engine distribution at 120,000km.

Moreover, on the freeway, with a passenger on-board, the engine is limited for accelerations forcing me to step down from the 6th to the 4th gear, regularly thinking about the engaged gear in some situations, etc. The maximum speed is definitely not a problem for me : I will probably never reach the 200kph that a CBF 600 can do, or maybe on a race circuit. And I and my favorite passenger have had nice trips on little roads without any problem for re-accelerations under 100kph.

I was and am still convinced that the CBF 600 is an excellent motorcycle, easy to ride, perfect to learn to drive and so reliable. I will still advise the CBF600 for a new motorcycle driver.

But I would prefer to put money in a recent or new bike more than an "old" (only three years) one. I am also interested in getting more torque (too early for my experience, I admit).

After more budget estimations and some negociations with my local Honda store, I have finally acquired a brand new Honda CBF 1000 A8 in yellow.

Just bought Bumblebee
I have just completed the first 1,000km : what a pleasure to have a new bike (more confortable for everything) and this sweety and smoothy engine ! Its maximum torque is at 6500rpm (8200rpm for the 600cc) and it is very easy to drive inner cities (commuting in Paris, as a typical example). No need to go far with the right handle nor to worry about the engaged gear. Just ride.

Note that a CBF1000 is not something like a Kawa Z1000 or a Triumph Speed Triple which are very beautiful, but also more "sport" styled (I did not say "race"). I have choosen the CBF1000 because I can afford it, because of Honda reliability, because I have a local Honda store I trust, because I have appreciated the CBF600, because the people I know who has one love it.

I just hope that the weather in France will get better, as it is anything but sunny, on the contrary of my "Bumblebee" CBF1000.

L’interface homme-ordinateur tricotée

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Comment se tenir au chaud tendu qu’on utilise un ordinateur portable dans un lieu public, en conservant la confidentialité ? Voici la solution

Libre traduction d’un extrait : « fournir à l’utilisateur confidentialité, chaleur et concentration pour l’usage d’un ordinateur d’un lieu public ».