As a Computer Engineer, I am always open to new opportunities. I am techy enthusiastic about backbone network technologies, organizational and technical security, virtualization. As long as I have practiced computers, have I been interested in free software.
    I have built my experience and skills about a universal ground: Internet. Whether in the field of network operators/ISP (Easynet) or that of « pure players » (Dalenys, aka Rentabiliweb), or before that inside a software company (Solsoft). As Technical Manager then Deputy CTO at Dalenys, I actively contributed to the building and launch of the e-payment division « Be2bill », as well as the evolution of the technical staff organization. On time and on budget.

    My new challenge at Diabolocom is going to be a wise blend of human relations, technical themes and a business agenda in a position to gather people.
    You can read my resume on my Linkedin page, or can contact me at any time if you have a serious project you wish to discuss.