As a Computer Engineer, I am always open to new opportunities. I am techy enthusiastic about backbone network technologies, organizational and technical security, virtualization. As long as I have practiced computers, have I been interested in free software.
    I have built my experience and skills about a universal ground: Internet. Whether in the field of network operators/ISP (Easynet) or that of « pure players » (Dalenys aka Rentabiliweb). My admiration for the job done by video games and animation movies artists took me to spend some time among some of them (Attitude Studio). As Technical Manager then Deputy CTO at Dalenys, I actively contributed to the building and launch of the payment division « Be2bill » and the MPLS network backbone, as well as the evolution of the technical staff organization. Today at Inspearit, I bring support with the help of agile principles and practices (Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, ...)

    My main point of interest is about propositions requiring an agile approach and surrounding matters (management 3.0, DevOps) depending on the business projects and the people involved.
    You can read my resume on my Linkedin page, or can contact me at any time if you have a serious project you wish to discuss.