Fear is what terrorrists want

For almost five years now, we can’t spend a day without one news about some arrested terrorrists, an avoided plot, a false positive alarm to explosive or chemicals in an airport or whatever maintaining a state of fear.

For five years now, terrorrism is the big thing of the politicians, police, army, and news industry.

For five years now, fear is what news industry fed us with in its daily menu, helping politicians to achieve their goals, finally helping terrorrists goal: make us fear.

Bruce Schneier wrote an excellent article about this. I share his thoughts about what is happening these days and refuse to fall into this state of fear. Everyone must be careful, as you are careful not to cross the street when a car is coming, but we must not be scared «oh a car is going to suddenly drive on me if I decide to cross the street, what am I going to do !!!».

We must live our lifes, and not play this game. Damn it, let’s just live.

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