Deezer, a streaming music platform

I’ve discovered another streaming music platform, Deezer. You can listen to music for free searching through their available tracks and create playlists once you’ve registered. You can even upload your own MP3s to share them.

It is not a brand new platform as it was formely known as Blogmusik, but it had to be shut down in March ’07 because of the SACEM. It was re-opened one month later. On the 22nd of August, Deezer announced to have a settlement with the SACEM and other music copyright holders, and that new deals are to come.

I don’t understand (yet) the origin of their tracks: is it only made of users contributions or more ? I admit I haven’t looked at all the details. There is a page dedicated to questions. Maybe you can start here.
Based on various news and the official web site:
  • it is legal and free of fees, the business model is based on ads; by the way, a "big button" proposes you to go on iTunes to order the current track;
  • it is streaming only, you cannot download music nor store it on your computer;
  • you can upload your own MP3s, set some playlists, share both of them;
  • it uses Flash;
  • you can add two different widgets to your web site: one proposing one of your playlist, one proposing a specific track.

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