A proposal for a limited time marriage in Germany

What a surprising news I read this morning !

Gabriele Pauli, from the CSU party in Germany, makes the following proposal: a marriage would initially last after seven years. Later, the couple could decide to sign up for an extension (still limited the extension ? It is not precised)

Moreover, the CSU is a social-christian party. What a hot stuff !

About the idea itself, I have never thought about such a thing. Is it good a bad, and what should be the conditions, I do not have any opinion yet.

In France, we have an alternative to the marriage since the late 90’s called the « PACS » (PActe Civil de Solidarité) or « Solidarity Civil Pact ». It was initially for gays and lesbians an opportunity to have an official civil status as a couple, as long as I doubt we will see the marriage authorized for homosexuals before a long long time in France. But it is available to anyone, including heterosexuals, obviously.
So, could it be something that can happen in France and other countries ? Is it interesting ? I think it is worthy to debate about it, whatever the conclusion is.

With the rate of divorce in western societies, we could think the answer is « yes ». Basically I immediately see a first potential drawback: credits. When two married persons go to their bank clerk to ask for a long-term credit to buy their new home, planning to have children and so, the bank clerk could say «the Bank requests that you are married for at least seven years or you have already extended your initial time of marriage ». I understand this point of view. Having a default limited duration could eventually raise the amount of couple breaking after a couple of years, as it would more easy than divorcing. This is a risk for banks.

Now, you will say I see black everywhere. Well ... I only tend to anticipate issues and this is where the debate must take place. I let you think about the positive aspects !


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